Last Call For Quizzes, Assignments and Past Due Homework!

Today is the last day to submit any past due assignments, journal entries or quizzes.  All spelling dictionaries must have written definitions for each word as well as a colourful picture you’ve created to match said definitions.  Journals are due and must have at least 10 entries of the 14 topics offered.  Each writing entry must be between 100-140 words.  There were only 3 topics with open word count, if you’ve forgotten please see me for details, but you may include them to be counted toward the 10 entries.   Deadline is 16:15 TODAY! Also, class will include an examination preview so be sure to bring your English notebook.  Please submit only your notebook to me before Monday’s exam!


Mentally and Physically Prepare For Exams – Eat, Study, Sleep :)

We’ve made breakfast, exercise and getting plenty of rest a part of our routine conversations throughout the semester.  Also, having a study plan with a flexible schedule is important.  As exciting as the beginning of any race is to watch, the real fun is at the finish line. Let’s prepare and encourage each other to finish the semester strong!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every day
  • Pay attention to what it is you are going to eat
  • Ask yourself frequently “Will the food you plan to eat give you the most physical and mental performance boost?”
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Turn off all electronic devices that visually affect your eyesight at least 1 hour before going to bed
  • Go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Remember to have a solid study plan with frequent breaks
  • When I ask you how you prepared for any one of your subject exams you should be able to tell me exact days and what it was you studied on those days

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Important Upcoming Dates -August & September 2016

Queen Sirikit’s Birthday Ceremony     –    Thursday 11 August

Mothers’ Day                                               –    Friday 12 August

Primary EP End-of-Term Tests             –    Monday 19 September

Last Day of Term 1                                      –    Friday 23 September

Classroom Anthem Challenge 2016

We are at that time of the year where the students get a chance to compete against the EP6 Blue class by performing a student written anthem.  Beware, kids get corny and have a lot of fun deciding on the lyrics.  It is a great opportunity for them to work together in a single class period and meet the same-day deadline. The previous class period is spent discussing and researching what goes into an anthem.  Enjoy the videos:)

Spelling Dictionaries :)

Throughout the school year you will need to have your spelling test entry ticket for every Friday! The ticket pages must include all 20 words, defined and with coloured drawings depicting the meanings of the words.  At the end of the year we will bind all the pages together and make spelling dictionaries that you may use to enhance your vocabulary whenever needed.