Wai Kru – Thank You!

The tradition of celebrating Wai Kru (Teaher Respect) has been a modernized event since 1941 which was influenced by the spread of Brahmanism from India. Each year the students take time to show respect to their teachers by giving flower arrangements, singing traditional Thai songs and dance performances, all of which have special meaning.  I am grateful to teach children in Thailand and experiences like Wai Kru are quite  humbling regardless of the amount of years that have accumulated living here.  I tell the students from time to time that learning their subject material is only part of their learning cycle.  This celebration is more than just being a subject teacher, but a reminder that these children depend on the guidance of adults who spend time with them each day and in most cases for many years.  Thank you!


Journal Entry – Taking A Journey

Would you like to take part in a DNA journey to find out where your roots are? Why or Why Not?  If you had to chose between taking the journey yourself or giving the opportunity to someone else what decision would you make? Why?

You may select the link below to review the video that we watched in class about taking a DNA journey.


Homework Booklets


Homework Booklets will be issued in 4 week increments.  The first four weeks of school homework mainly covered previous concepts learned in grade 5.  The homework booklet covering week 5-8 will be issued 6 June 2016.  There will be copious notes written by each subject teacher in a rectangle at the bottom of the page.  The rectangle will be clearly labeled “comments”.


Activities In June

Just a reminder about some upcoming activities being held at school for the month of June.  Sometimes activities will be on campus while others will be held off campus.  Most of the time there will be a reminder, during homeroom, just prior to the activity.  However, having the information in advance will assist parents with near future scheduling and cover information when a student may be absent from homeroom.

  • Student Activities with MCOT     Wednesday 8 June 2016
  • Wai Kru (Teacher Respect Day)   Thursday 16 June 2016
  • School Book Fair                              Monday Wednesday 29 June 2016 

Welcome to EP6 Red Homeroom:)


Hello Students,

Welcome to EP6 Red Homeroom!  I am excited about getting the chance to meet each of you this year and being your teacher!  We are going to discover a lot of things about English and refine the parts of English you may have already learned. You may visit the classroom blog to find out information about upcoming events, assignments, projects, birthdays, holidays and other random stuff for our class.

I hope you have lots of fun on your new journey!


Mr. Dale and Mrs. Benny

Final Examination Schedule


  • Thai Tests begin Monday February 22nd
  • Last Day of Term is Friday February 26th
  • O-NET testing for P6 Saturday February 27th

Just a reminder to be sure to finish all subject homework before beginning exams.  All the teachers are aware that some students may not be up to date with all the quarterly assignment deadlines.  What’s important is to work as hard as you can and be sure to finish all of which you started.

Best of luck!

Teacher Dale