It’s Raining Tacos – Class Project Utilizing 21st Century Learning Methods

Learning accountability is a huge advantage for young students and teaching it through project based activities makes it fun and memorable.  We used a cute song found on the internet to initiate a group idea for a food project.  The project was entirely researched, designed, scheduled and implemented by the students including all funding, procurement of ingredients and clean up duties.  110 minutes was allotted to complete the project over a five day schedule.  The students used online social networking (see purple photos) to verify and confirm tasks.  They also implemented a rule that if a student forgot to bring their ingredient to class that they would be left out from eating tacos.  The class designated six groups of four students, each group had a core responsibility to maintain during the research, development and implementation stages.  These stages required calculations, design, written and verbal presentation that included principles from the disciplines of Maths, Sciences, and English.  Each group had one colored hat signifying a responsibility they were required to use while interacting with the other class groups.  Below I’ve attached various videos and photos from the activity that explain each responsibility.     Great job EP6 Red and EP6 Blue! I loved tasting the tuna fish, pork, pineapple, cheese, lettuce and hot sauce soft shelled taco:)

     20141120_092632 20141120_092803Screenshot_2014-12-02-08-41-56Screenshot_2014-12-02-08-46-31 20141126_15222620141126_090757    20141202_081459  20141202_081524 20141202_081709   20141202_081749 20141202_081817 20141202_082149 20141202_082206   20141202_082246 20141202_082254  20141202_083018 20141202_083245


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