Halloween Celebration – BOOOOOOO!!!

Good fun for all Varee students this past Friday as we celebrated Halloween.  The students had the chance to design and build a haunted house.  Team building activities encourages them to support their fellow classmate’s creative talents.  In many cases, discoveries are made about a pupil with a unique skill or craft that shines bright for their peers to recognize and appreciate.  Furthermore, it’s all in good fun, so the children get to learn while enjoying the experience – win win situation.  Hopefully the photos won’t scare you too much:)

20141031_075155 20141031_080715 20141031_080718 20141031_081337 20141031_081503 20141031_081512 20141031_081634 20141031_081644 20141031_094059 20141031_094102


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