Group Project: Thai foods presented in English and Thai languages.

All for the love of food, especially when you’re a kid and it’s during class!  Tactile learning is one of many  methods used to help strengthen student’s interest in the subject matter being learned.  Some students learn better using other methods or a combination of learning styles, but it also helps the teachers to remain flexible and more so to have fresh lessons.  Fresh usually relates to fun and so the students can enjoy learning without boredom getting in the way.  The students were required to use Tactile and 21st century learning styles to present various Thai foods to the Varee teaching staff.  They needed to prepare information that related to the core subjects in Maths, Science and English.  To meet these requirements they could, for example, include mathematical numerical value for weights and measures of the ingredients while mentioning the acidity, alkalinity, homogeneous, or heterogeneous properties of the ingredients scientifically.  The region, time-frame, and historical value of the food were presented verbally and in writing.  Makes me hungry just reflecting upon it.  Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself:)

20140923_082923 20140923_082930  20140923_082947 20140923_083021 20140923_083025 20140923_083052  20140923_083106   20140923_083141 20140923_083147 20140923_083223   20140923_083244 20140923_083306 20140923_083319 20140923_083324  20140923_094216  20140923_094256


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