Free Writing – National Anthem

The students decided last Wednesday that we should create our own national anthem to sing. First, there was a class discussion on what made up the lyrics to most national anthems.  The students used mind mapping to create a diagram in their notebooks and on the classroom’s white board. Then, the class voted on  music to write their lyrics to.  They chose from a top ten list of anthems provided on Youtube.  The students worked in pairs to create their own lyrics to the chosen song (French National Anthem).  Once they had a rough-draft written they could either continue to work in pairs or create a group of four students.  The students presented their songs to the class for evaluation.  Each class (EP6 Blue and EP6 Red) voted on the best anthem to be performed during Friday’s homeroom period.  The winner between EP6 Red and EP6 Blue was close, but because of a solid performance, EP6 Red edged out EP6 Blue.  Please click the video below to hear EP6 Red’s anthem.  Enjoy!




***see French Anthem 5:12***


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