2014 National Science and Technology Fair

Students had an exceptional opportunity to interact with science industry experts yesterday at the 2014 National Science and Technology Fair.  In the past the fair has been hosted by various expo centres in Bangkok.  This year the fair was held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center here in Chiang Mai.  The students had the task of interviewing at least three different exhibitors.  This activity helps their speaking and listening skills.  Some exhibitors spoke in English while others presented in Thai.  However, the students had to translate their findings to English.  Overall, this was an excellent activity for the students to be able think of questions to ask the exhibitors and adapting follow-up questions accordingly during their dialogue.

2014 Science Fair Exhibitor Questionnaire

 20140814_09461320140814_095928 20140814_095440 20140814_101510 20140814_102619_Richtone(HDR) 20140814_103440_Richtone(HDR)20140814_103449_Richtone(HDR)   20140814_10511320140814_104722    20140814_10524120140814_135123



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