Ocean Mural Winner / Wai Kru Day / World Cup Student Competition

Ocean Mural Competition – Congratulations to EP6 Blue for winning the overall ocean mural competition!  EP6 Red won in the category for most creative.  The judging was very close with much deliberation between staff members!  But, the trophy goes to EP6 Blue! There will be other opportunities to win back the trophy during the school year.  Keep working hard!

Wai Kru Day celebration is a great time to reflect with the students on the importance of being a role model to the students.  I am grateful to be surrounded by so many fantastic staff members at Varee Chiangmai School.  Thank you to all of my students!

The World Cup Student Competition was a great opportunity for the students to work on competitive sportsmanship.  It is essential for personal development to practice team building skills.  Events such as these bring a focus on unity rather than individuality.  Furthermore, it allows the students to learn how to behave by watching other students perform during the matches.  The students were really excited to compete and celebrate the afternoon’s games.





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