July 2014 Midterm Examination Guidlines

Midterm examinations will soon be upon us!  The exam dates are 15th-18th July 2014.  Please find attached the general guidelines to the subject material that will be on the midterm exam.  There will be plenty of opportunity during class to review for the exam over the next two weeks.  Good luck!


English EP6 July 2014 Midterm Guidlines

Stative Verbs (AOM/Emotions/Having and Being/Senses)

Adjective Order / Single and Compound Prepositions

Present Simple / Present Continuous

Countable Nouns / Uncountable Nouns

Vocabulary (WK#3 Oceans / WK#6-9 Family Ties & Food)

Reading Comprehension (Topic: Sub Sandwiches)

Writing Sample (Replying to an e-mail)


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