Grammar Quiz and Spelling Test

Hello Students,

Just a reminder that you will be having a formative grammar quiz on Thursday 12 June 2014.  The weekly spelling test will be given on Friday 13 June 2014.  The ocean murals in EP6 Red/Blue classrooms will be judged by Teacher Daniel on Friday 13 June 2014.  The murals will be judged on three main categories(see below).  The winning class will have a trophy dedicated to them on this blog and it will be placed inside the winning team’s classroom for the remainder of the semester.  The winning team will have an opportunity to decorate the trophy in red or blue colors and add any decorations to it that they deem stylish.

Good luck!

Teacher Dale



Relevance to the theme 40% (subject related writing content, diagrams, visual aids)

Originality 35% (structure, design detail, overall style and appearance)

Impact 25% (neatness, presentation,  harmony)



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